Today, we usually think of 3D printing as a means to produce detailed small parts or designs, but the future of 3D printing applications could be limitless.

“Branch Technology, a Chattanooga, Tennessee-based startup, is announcing today that it is the first company to successfully construct building walls at scale using the world’s largest freeform 3D printer,” Kristyna Bronner of DCI (marketing) tells “The company is also announcing that it will sponsor the world’s first design contest to 3D print a home, which will start in September and culminate with a $10,000 prize and the construction of a 3D printed home in Chattanooga.”

Currently Branch is focused mainly on designing and 3D printing unique interior spaces as well as exhibition structuress and art installations, but in the near future they plan to use C-Fab in order to 3D print large load-bearing and exterior walls, as well as entire buildings.

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