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special 3d scanning applications for the little ones

Just when you thought you knew of all the places 3D scanning services had moved in to, there is one place that you forgot, your mama’s belly! Yep, that’s right, 3D scanning is moving into the womb for crying out loud. 3D ultrasound is the next big thing when it comes to prenatal care.

So what is 3D ultrasound and how does it differ from traditional ultrasound technology. It’s quite simple. 3D ultrsound works like 2D ultrasound except that it adds a new dimension to the picture. Instead of looking at your baby on a black and white two dimensional image, you can view him or her in living color. That sounds like something that every parent would want. And so that is why 3D ultrasound are becoming so popular. The benefit of 3D ultrasound for pregnant moms are great.


introducing a 3D model of your baby

One benefit that 3D ultrasounds bring especially to the expecting parent is a sharp life-like image of their new baby boy or girl. Those old 2D images were great, but they just didn’t have the same effect as does seeing a truer image of your kid. Nothing could satisfy an expecting parent more than getting good look at their preform child. Now, with this type of 3D scanning service, parents will be walking out of the doctor’s office say things like “Oh look! She has your nose!”. And for keepsake that 3D image could be printed out and presented as a first toy for the new family member! It is no wonder why this technology is becoming the new thing.


a very special application for blind mothers

On May 7th, 2015, CBS reported a story of a blind mother who got to “see” her unborn son for the first time through use of a 3D printed model of her baby’s ultrasound. Tatiana Guerra had lost her sight at the age of 17. Now 30 years old, she was pregnant 20 weeks with her son. 

The video below captures Tatiana’s first reaction touching her baby’s face. In the beginning, Tatiana asks the doctor what the baby’s face looks like. The doctor tells her that the baby’s eyes are closed and that his nose looks like hers. Tatiana goes on to describe she imagines the baby’s nose looking like a “little potato” and she can picture his little mouth and chubby hands. The doctor asks what she thinks he will feel like before handing her a 3D printed sculpture of the baby’s face. The hospital’s on-site printer only took 15 minutes to convert the ultra sound image into a relief sculpture of the baby’s face. The Brazilian branch of Huggies diaper company launched the video, titling it “Meeting Murilo”. If this video doesn’t bring joy to your heart, we don’t know what will! See the full video below!


3d ultrasound allows blind mother to "see" her baby

3D scanning promotes babies' health

Probably the biggest benefit that this technology brings is to the health of the baby. 3D ultrasounds giving doctors a quicker heads-up on the babies condition. Unlike traditional MRI technologies, 3D ultrasounds give medical experts a sharper and clearer picture. If there are problems that develop during the pregnancy then doctors are going to be able to pick up on them quicker and give immediate medical attention. They will is be able to identify problems like cleft palettes or deformed limbs, things that are not as easily detected on a normal ultrasound. Having identified these problems, the doctors will be better prepared to address them when the baby is born. 

potential complications

Though the benefits of using 3D ultrasound technology in the womb sound great, there are those who aren’t so quick to agree. Some are quick to point out the health dangers that could come with any ultrasound. They feel that parents shouldn’t be too quick to be zapping their babies with sound waves, as there is still still some doubt as to the long-term effects of ultrasound on the babies skin. In their estimation, it is a bit selfish to be taking this kind of risk just for the sake of being about to see your baby in 3D. I suppose there is wisdom to be considered there. But for now, moderation is the key, and 3D scanning services in the doctors office is going to bring us lots of help and joy!

What do you think about 3D scanning technology for prenatal checkups?

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