3D Scanning Market on the Rise

Here are the growing 3D scanning trends for 2021

Hang on! The global 3D scanning service market is on the rise, looking to cash-in a good $5.7 billion by the year 2021. This all coming from the Allied Market Research in a report. It also reported 3d scanners putting out the highest in industrial manufacturing in 2014, with over 60% of this revenue coming from the Europe and North America, according to analysts. According to other research groups, like Grand View Research, Inc. by 2025, the global scanning market is set to reach over 8 billion US dollars. With the healthcare, aerospace and car-making industries embracing 3d scanning, the market is expected to grow. The reason for this growth is do to the many benefits 3D scanning brings to these industries. The medical industry is using it due to its wide application. The automotive industry is using it for its benefits to designing.
For sure, 3D scanning service technology because of its speed and efficiency is gaining steam and diving into vertical industries.  The most popular of the various scanners is the laser scanner because of its user-friendliness and low cost. For this reason those in the industry are aiming to take this type of scanner and make it even more advanced and portable.  Also the these industries are setting their sights on making them more versatile. One example is the Freestyle X Handheld Laser Scanner, a device made specifically for close up projects.

Reverse engineering services was the winner in 2014 for the highest revenue since a lot of different industries utilized it.  These industries included ones like defense, car makers, manufacturing. These 3D scanning services were highly beneficial in areas of analyzing modification of products.

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There are some specific things that we can discern about the 3D scanning market.  First of all, growth in the 3D scanning services market is going to grow simply because it is fast, efficient, and accurate.

Secondly, regions such as LAMEA (Latin America, Middle East and Africa)  and Asia-Pacific are fertile ground for market opportunities as growth. Thirdly, its clear that reverse engineering has taken the lead by taking nearly one third of the market in 2014.  Medical and healthcare applications with 3D scanning has high potential with means of growth. Finally, laser scanners seems to be without competitor for the near future.

Right now North America is in the lead for supplying to the market, and it is expected to continue to mature.  Asian markets like China and India are revving up and will start growing at the fastest rate. A boost in demand is also expected in various manufacturing applications.

Some of the main contributors are AutodeskNikon, and Fuel 3D Technologies.

The key right now is for those in the 3D scanning service market to zone in on making a lighter and more portable scanner so that is can be used accessible to more areas of application.  Leaders in the market such as Creaform and FARO Technologies are doing just that by make smaller scanner that fit in the hand which can be used in a variety of fields such the automotive and healthcare industry.

3D scanning is not going away, folks. How could your company benefit from investing in 3D scanning technology?

video: Global 3D scanning market forecase 2013-2020

The video above is a summary of all of the good information you’ll find if you purchase the Global 3D scanning Market 2013-2020 forecast. It has information from multiple 3D technology companies as well as new opportunities to look out for from 2013-2020. 

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