3D Printing Can Turn Your Trash Into Treasures

3d printing plays a role in protecting our planet

Time to take out the garbage. Take it out and down to a 3D printing service because that trash may be worth more than you think. Today’s 3D printers make objects using a plastic filament. If that plastic is made out of recycled materials, then your trash could be treasure!

Recycling is the smart way to live, and we are always looking for ingenuity for ways to be more productive in our recycling methods. The good news is that great strides are being made in the area of recycling through 3D printing and 3D scanning services.

3d printing your garbage?

The steps being made today are taking garbage and turning it into filament used for 3D printing. It is an exciting endeavor that has huge potential. If you just look around at all of the waste that we produce every day and see how it is just piling up. There has to be more efforts to try to bring our big waste down to zero waste. The fact we now have the technology to do this through 3D scanning and printing, the dam of opportunity has broken free and we are now able to explore the many avenues where it can be used.

Video: How to 3D print with Recycled Trash

Rotterdam's xxx bench, made from plastic bags

The possibilities are endless. One example of recycled products is being explored by The New Raw, a research and design company in Rotterdam. They launched “Print Your City”, an initiative to 3D print community city benches by creating plastic park benches using recycled plastic bags. The prototype of this project is called XXX Bench. It weighs about 110 pounds and is made completely of discarded plastic. The bottoms of the benches are rounded to allow whatever couple is sitting on them to roll back and forth. Just the perfect thing for couples to sit and enjoy themselves in the park. But that is just one example. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination. They are as endless as the number items you want to print, and as endless as the amount of garage that you produce! And if you are anything like my family, that’s a lot!  All those plastic milk jugs could be used to make your iPhone case, coolers, flashlights, you name it!  But not so fast. Before you rush down to the local 3D scanning and printing shop with your crushed milk jugs hoping for new coffee maker, all of that plastic is going to need to be chopped up, cleaned up, and treated with some chemicals to make it ready for use.

The New Raw’s “XXX Bench”, 3D printed from recycled plastic bags. Image from www.curbed.com.

The potential for so much more!

What an amazing way to put plastic bottles, bags, and whatnot to use by making something that any passer-by in the park can use. It is hoped that more businesses and entrepreneurs will join with 3d scanning and printing services to find more ways to turn our waste into gold. The potential is there, we just have to take the initiative to reach out and grab it. So the next time you crunch that plastic bottle, instead of shooting for the garbage pail, you might want to toss it in the piggy bank!

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