3d printing & Rapid prototyping services

Turn concepts into reality

Are you looking to develop your idea into a plastic prototype? Our CAD modeling services combined with affordable 3D printing services can make it happen. Whether you are familiar with 3D printing technology or are completely new to it, we can make it easy for you to obtain the 3D printed prototype you are looking for.

What kind of parts can you create?

  • Fully functional solid prototypes
  • Prototypes for test fitment
  • Miniatures and souvenirs for promotions
  • Mold patterns
  • Enclosures and Cases
  • Replica parts for trade shows
  • High precision parts
  • Lenses and translucent parts
  • Jewelry and amulets
  • Sculptures
  • Replacement parts for old machinery
  • Art deco patterns
  • Firearm replicas
  • Drone copter blades
  • And many more!

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3d printing Anaheim

What do you need to get started 3D printing?

The first thing you’ll need is an STL file. STL is the format used by most 3D printers. If you don’t have an STL file, we can create one for you. There are a variety of ways to create an STL file:

  • We can convert your CAD model into an optimized 3D printer file.
  • If you have sketches or drawings, we can create one from those.
  • If you have a physical part such as a hand-made prototype, we can scan it to create the STL file.
  • How much time does it take?

    Most small projects can be completed in 3-5 days.

    3D Printing Options

    There are many choices that need to be made before ordering a 3D-printed part:
  • How big do you want it? Parts can be made larger or smaller than their original size.
  • What type of material do you need? ABS plastic (the same thing Legos are made of) is a common choice.
  • What color do you want?
  • Does the part need to have strength for functional use, or is it just for display purposes?
  • Can the part be hollow, or does it need to be solid inside?
  • Do you want to make any changes to the part’s shape?
  • How smooth does the surface finish need to be?
  • Do you want to print multiple parts together as an assembly, or parts that fit together a certain way?

    Based on your requirements, we can recommend the best 3d printing technology to achieve your goals in an economical way. We can also provide information on material properties (strength, heat tolerance, etc) and brochures with material spec sheets.

    If have your own printer and just need help preparing the STL file, we would be glad to support you in that way. Click here for more information on STL File Preparation for 3D Printing.

    We have highly experienced CAD modelers who can model any object that you are wanting to 3D print. We can also capture the shape of any object that you send us using our expert 3D Scanning Services. Call today to find out how we can print 3D objects for your business.

  • 3d printing services Gallery

    Here are some examples of parts like people are 3d printing in Tulsa:

    People are innovating in America and are using 3d printing technology to create new products and opportunities. We look forward to learning about your project and giving you a competitive advantage using 3D technology such as 3D printing and 3D scanning.