3D Scanning with HandySCAN

3d scanning with creaform's new handheld scanner

We aren’t taking you for a ride when we say that the HandySCAN 3D is an awesome
device that should be used by professionals in 3D scanning services. Looking for something with
precision that can lock-on to the part your scanning? Need something that is light that isn’t
going to be a burden to lug around. Looking for visualization in real-time? What something that
can load directly onto your mobile device? Need something that is easy to setup? If you said
“Yes!” To all those then check out this scanner.

the next best thing in 3D scanning

It’s no wonder 3D laser scanning service experts are using this scanner. Like it’s namesake, HandySCAN 3D fits right in your hand. It is part of the next generation of handheld scanners
and has answered the call to engineers and 3D scanning service engineers for reliable and
versatile scanner. Compared with the older generation of scanners, the HandySCAN 3D packs
a better punch being portable and putting out images at higher resolution (HandySCAN 300
being the lower resolution scanner, and HandySCAN 700 the higher). 

let's hear the stats

If you are a design engineer or doing reverse engineering, this is your baby. There are many who are using it with great success. It has been used for aircraft, cars, and helicopters. It’s been used by
the big boys like Harley Davidson and Lamborghini. And many others have used it with great results
3D scanning services should be all over this thing. But if you are not convinced yet, let
me give you some statistics. The HandSCAN 3D laser scanner is twenty-five percent faster
than its predecessors. It’s accuracy jumps to 40% higher. It’s weighs 35% less, and its size is
reduced by 50%.
And if that is not enough, it is ergonomically designed to fit like a glove which
keeps you from getting hand cramps. But the best think about this device is that it looks as
cool as Han Solo’s laser gun. So if you are wanting super resolution and fantastic detail. Check
it out!

Video: 3d scanning cars with a handyscan

And before you start thinking that HandySCAN is just for the professionals, think again.
This scanner was made with the common redneck folk in mind too. Easy to hold. Easy to setup.
Easy to scan. That’s the way it should be, and that’s the way we like it. Any you don’t need a
big setup to view your scan in real-time either. Any device will do as long as you are able to
load the necessary software on to run it. All you have to do is plug in it and you are ready to
play. Once you are done with the scan he result come quick are ready to use. If you are
wanting to reproduce a part, you can send it to a 3D scanning and. printing service to have it
printed out.

Video: ems Creaform handyscan 700 demo

So, by now you should be getting the picture. We like this scanner. This is a handheld
scanner that has really upped the ante on quality scanning, and we think you are going to like it. 

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