TreadReader - test tires using 3D laser scanning

3d laser scanning keeps you safe on the road

The other day, my wife and I were driving down the highway and realized how 3D laser scanning could help ordinary people like us be safe on the road. 

While we were going along, my wife started to point out to me all of the shredded tire pieces that were scattered sporadically along the roadside. I had never thought too much about them before. Most of the time when I drive I’m in a hypnotic state where I dodge obstacles without even thinking about it. Just because she mentioned it, I started then to imagine what it must look like when a semi truck tire actually blows. It sounds kind of scary. 

Do they swerve back and forth and weave into oncoming traffic before they can bring their vehicle under control? 

What about the truck directly in front of ME? 

Is he about to have a blowout?! 

Oh no! What about MY tires? 

How can I be sure that my tire isn’t on the verge of a



(push pause) 

Fortunately there is no need to panic. New cutting edge technology using 3D laser scanning technology is going to make sure your tires are roadworthy.

Making sure that your vehicle is safe for the road a responsibility that we’ll have before
we set out for any journey, But the honest truth is that most vehicle part failures and
breakdowns are not detectable until they actually happen. Fortunately though new
advancements in 3D laser scanning technology are helping us whittle downs chances of a disaster
before they happen.

introducing the treadreader

One of those advancements is a handheld device called TreadReader used to
measure tire tread that is outperforming the weaknesses of traditional tire treading tools. This
new wiz bang device does great even on muddy tires. In addition, using 3D laser scanning
technology, this scanner covers more tire area produces a sharper image. All of this allows the
car owner to have better idea of the conditional of his tire, whether there is any damage to the
tire and if the tire is in need of a replacement. It’s no wonder that TreadReader is catching the
attention of auto dealers and manufacturers across the U.K. And Europe.

This new groundbreaking device has many other advantages as well. It comes user
friendly as it can be connected to a variety of devices such as PCs, iPads, or Android phones. It
connects easily to WIFI, and gives you a full report on the condition of you tire treads.

Video: Treadreader hand held 3d scanner

The auto industry is benefiting greatly from the 3D laser scanning technologies. Products like
this who utilize the power ability of 3D scanning services allow auto makers to make safer
products for us the consumers When it comes to road safety a small difference in accuracy can
mean life or dead. It’s not just about keeping up with the regulations, but its about making sure

that you and your family are safe on the road.The next time I am on the highway with my wife and see one of those black tire pieces laying on the side of the road, I will just have to say to myself, “That guy needs a TreadReader!

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