Airport Security Faster Because of 3D Scanning

will the skies be safter using 3D scanning?

Nothing says hands-on like airport TSA, and it appears that the Transportation Security Administration is going to be getting its hand on some 3D scanning equipment to help it
detect any illegal and dangerous cargo, like explosive items and weapons. The old X-Ray
technology has been in place for some time, and it is not as cracked up for the job as these new
3D laser scanning device. They need to update their tools to make sure that explosives don’t
slip through security. Fortunately, new hand-carry 3D scanners for luggage are going to do the

3d scanning and virtual reality tours of your home

The Analogically 3-D CT scanner is what they call it. Potentials threats are in for a big
stopping surprise. What this scanner does is push aside the limited 2D images that cause
security screeners to squint and look cock-eyed at the X-Ray of your luggage trying to figure out
what on earth is in your bag. Instead, this new device as going to give a 3D scanned 360-
rotating image of your belonging so that it won’t be nearly as difficult to identify what you intend
to pack on the flight. Of course, most of us are hardworking, honest citizens trying to make an
honest buck or maybe just trying to go visit some family and friends. But it only takes one nut to
jam up the whole gear box. One scumbag trying to blow us all up makes the rest of us suffer by
causing us to wait in line for scans and pat-downs. Thanks to the hard work of engineers and
3D laser scanning services, the wait times are being reduced.

video: tsa testing 3d scanners to speed up security line

customized pieces

As soon as these scanners assume their positions in airports across the country, people
are going to start feeling the effects of it during their travels. First of all, it is going to speed
things up. What slows everything down is not the people, but what they carry. I can’t remember
the last time I went through security without having to have my bag pulled out and opened up,
and then having to explain why I am carrying some odd piece of luggage, like a screw nut for my applesauce grinder, or three bags of candy corn. I’m sure those look kind of funky on the X-Ray, but it would be nice if they had a scanner that could give them a better view the first time.

Well, they do. If that isn’t a good enough reason, well then at least it will reduce the number of
times the security team will be pulling the underwear out of your bag for the whole world to gawk
at. Speed and privacy are what we want, and this new 3D scanning product is going to

video: tsa to debut new baggage scanners

The next time take a trip and head through security, remember that there are 3D
scanning services looking out for you. So instead of complaining about pat downs and intrusive
fingers, give the TSA a high-five, and send a thank you letter to your nearest 3D scanning

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