3D Printlife has launched its first filament line, Enviro ABS, a form of ABS engineered to be biodegradable. The company’s Enviro ABS is the result of a collaboration between 3D Printlife and a chemist in the Boston area who focuses on biodegradable plastic packaging and had already designed bio-additives for the cosmetics and hospitality industries that bond with plastics to make them biodegradable. The firm suggests that Enviro ABS obtains great print quality, accuracy, and dimensional stability, something that it said has been validated by independent experts.

In addition to the material itself, 3D Printlife has created environmentally friendly spooling and packaging to go along with it. The spool is made from recycled cardboard, and the filament is contained in a resealable plastic bag. There are dual puncture slots on both flanges of the spool to secure the filament strand. The spool is designed to fit just about every 3D printer on the market.


To learn more about Enviro ABS check out their website: http://www.3dprintlife.com/