3D Laser Scanning Services Used To Redo An Oil Platform

3D laser scanning services for the big jobs

There are risks whenever you want to do a makeover on anything. The level of risk depends on the size of value of the project. I am sure you have all seen pictures of those Hollywood stars that had cosmetic surgeries that did not turn out as they had hoped. The end result was fish lips, balloon cheeks, or a pin point nose. The risk is high. For this reason, it is good to have the right people on the job so that the job can be done right. If it is a small job like reupholstering your car, then the stakes are low. If it is expanding a section of bleachers at a stadium, then things must be done right. If it is making changes to an oil platform in the ocean, then the work needs to be done both right and fast. That is exactly what happened to to a Chevron oil platform using 3D laser scanning services.

The right tool for a tricky job

In early 2000, Chevron decided to modify an oil platform. It was by no means a small project. Such a project required shutting down the whole operation which means no flow of oil. No flow of oil means money down the toilet for the oil giant Chevron. That is why they chose to go with 3D laser scanning services to get the job done. By doing that they were able to reduce the oil shut-in time by over 59%. That is a lot of improvement. How did 3D laser scanning services do that? First of all, we know that revamping such an oil platform is not a green field project. There is a lot of structure that has to be worked around, and this add complexity to the project. As-built measurements, therefore, are needed to make sure things get done smoothly. We know that blueprints don’t show the real setup. If they use traditional measuring methods to do it, then the time will be slowed down considerably. On top of that, the measurements for traditional tools are much more of a rough estimate compared with 3D laser scanning services.

3D laser Scanning services was a good choice

The final result was a complete success, and that was not easy since they had to work a very cramped environment.  If it weren’t for 3D laser scanning services, they would have lost a lot of time and money. They also would not have gained the as-built documentation that can not be used for future projects. Sound like a win-win. 

I’m sure Chevron was pleased with the choice to go with 3D laser scanning services. It won’t be surprising if they end up using it again for other projects in the future.

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