3D Scanning With Your Phone

Power in your pocket to do 3D scanning

When most people hear 3D scanning, they think of a high cost device. They imagine a device that will eventually pay itself off if it is used enough. The truth is that many of you already have the power to do 3D scanning services in the power of your hands now. If you are like many iPhone users, then you probably bought a new device when there was nothing wrong with the old one. That’s the nature of technology, there is always something better coming out. You probably have an iPhoneX if this is true for you. That means that you have the power to do 3D scanning services anywhere, anytime for no more than what you paid for your phone.

Newer iphone model perform 3D scanning services

Who wants to pay thousands of dollars on a scanner when you have one already in your pocket. Forget that. That is especially the case for guys like me who aren’t doing it professionally. I just want want play around with it. So instead of cancelling my plan to buy a car so that I can buy a professional scanner, I might just go to the app store on my iPhone X. There is an app called Capture. It is a software that can turn your mobile phones into a 3D scanning services device. That means that any object that can be snapped from all angles can be turned into a virtual 3D object.

lots of potential for application

This technology has all kinds of possible applications. It could be used for the clothing industry, for helping people get the size they need. It can be for creating animation that have real object from your own world. Gamers can use it to create avatars of themselves and their friends. It could be used for product viewing. There are all kind of possibilities, and the best thing is that it is not just restricted to a few people. Everyone with a newer iPhone can get involved in 3D scanning services.

So, it you have an iPhoneX series phone and did know about this 3D scanning services potential, then check it out. Don’t be like the millions of people who stand in line all night outside the Apple store just to get a new phone but never learn it’s potential. If that is the case why not just stick with your old phone? It probably runs just as good as the new one that you spend a thousand bucks for.

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