3D Laser Scanning Services Meets A Star Rock

Capture it with 3D laser scanning

There is only one thing cooler than a rock star, and that is a star rock. Every once in a while a meteorite will fall from the sky and land in someone’s living room. Talk about time for a commercial break! Seeing a shooting star is something we see once in a while. When you are camping out a ways from the city, you might see one if you keep your head up long enough. It is rare, though, to actually see one. I, for one have never seen rock from space hit the ground. There are some people who have had space rocks crash through their roofs. There have also been people who have actually been hit by a meteorite. What are the chances? Think of the vast size of the oceans. Think of all the empty barren lands in this world. Of all the places that a meteorite could fall, it hits you in the gourd! What a story for the grand kids, assuming you survive. So what do you do if you find a meteorite in the middle of your living room? Exercise your 3D laser scanning services skills and scan it.

A Man with a plan to Scan

Steve Arnold is a star rock rockstar. The guy loves to find rocks from space. The only ones that he going to find are ones that enter our atmosphere and don’t get obliterated by it. Now has a small cosmic issue to deal with. He has a big rock that flew here from outer space and wants to have it 3D laser scanned. Actually that is no problem for 3D laser scanning services. The piece of rock that he owns is quite a rare piece of material. It is made of a combination of peridot and iron. What in the world is peridot? Peridot is a type of olivine, which is a rare green mineral. Not many of these things have been discovered. There are only about 60 total that have been found.

Keep it with 3D laser Scanning services

When a rock comes barreling from space and into our atmosphere, don’t think its like opening the window and letting the breeze cool your face. It’s more like your face hitting a stone grinder and sparks start flying. The heat is so great that it actually starts burning it up until it hits the ground, if not burn it to oblivion. So when you’ve got a hot rock like that you had better document it, and preserve it. That is why they call in the 3D laser scanning services team to do the dirty work. A 3D scan can put that rock in a digital can to preserve it for good. That way, a 3D image of the stone can be enjoyed by all people. Who knows? Maybe they could even replicate that rock for others to look at and maybe sell it as souvenirs.

Talk about a topic out of this world. 3D laser scanning even does space objects. That is pretty impressive. There is no job too out of this world for 3D laser scanning services. At least, so far, that is.

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