3D Laser Scanning Services Spotlight: 3 Metaverse Crypto Coins Below $85M Market Cap

UFO Gaming, Yield Guild Games, and Metahero

Cryptocurrency markets are garnering strong support, with Bitcoin holding above $30k and Ethereum above $2k. Additionally, the exploration of the metaverse and use of 3D laser scanning services to create virtual worlds have led to a number of new projects that are gaining traction. Here are three picks that are below the $85 million market cap.

UFO Gaming (UFO) – $71 million

Like several other cryptocurrencies, UFO Gaming utilizes 3D scanning services to create a hyper-realistic (although in this case, space-based) RPG-style gaming interface with in-game assets purchased and sold using NFTs. 

Along with purchasing in-game assets, in the platform’s first game, Super Galactic, users play-to-earn rewards and explore the metaverse. The use of a 3D laser scan to create virtual environments such as this adds human integration into the NFT experience.

Yield Guild Games – $72 million

Being a few years old, Yield Guild Games is currently the highest valued guild in cryptocurrency and remains a top-rated Metaverse gaming guild. The community of players that make up the guild work together to increase rewards on other games. 

The platform also includes its own collection of play-to-earn crypto games. Using 3D scanning to create these worlds, users can combine efforts of being a member in the guild and their own work in the games to yield significant rewards.

Metahero – $82 million

As the top pick for the most undervalued and underrated project within the Metaverse, Metahero offers perhaps the most user-integrated experience of the newest crypto projects. Using the platform’s proprietary 3d scanning systems, users can insert a virtual representation of themselves into the metaverse.

With the partnership of Wolf Digital Media, the 16k scanning technology brings the advancements and capabilities seen in many popular crypto games to the new project. The detail 3D laser scanning services creates hyper-realistic images of the users in mere minutes and allows the avatars to be uploaded to the metaverse.

Along with this added capability of using 3D scanning, the platform also uses the Everdomes DOME token, which is used in several other places within the metaverse.

Conclusion: The Advances in 3D Laser Scanning Services

As 3D laser scanning services advance and access becomes easier, user integration into the metaverse with hyper-realistic avatars only increases the personalized experience within the crypto market. It creates a continually more interactive way to buy, sell, or trade NFTs.  

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