3D Laser Scanning CRM For a Perfect Bike

3D Laser Scanning Services Knows Your Size

My parents bought me a bike when I was about 4 years old. It was a bike that I rode until I was about 11. That means I rode it for about 6 years. When I started riding it there were training wheels on the back. Starting out, I couldn’t even reach the peddles from the seat. When I was 10, my knees would almost bump the handle bars when I peddled. Needless to say that for most of that time it was not a good fit. I suppose for a small kids that was okay. I wasn’t a professional. Most of my bike riding would be down to Mr. Kragler’s dime store. Now that I am grown up, comfort means a lot more. I look for a bike that feels right. I don’t just mean one that my knees don’t knock against the handle bars, but a fit that feels perfect. The good news is that such a bike can be found. Now you can get a bike that is custom fit just for your body size using 3D laser scanning services.

A perfect fit

It’s called body scanning CRM. There has been talk before about 3D laser scanning services used for custom-fit bike helmets. There has been mention of 3D printed bike frames. This time we are talking about the whole kit and caboodle. We are talking a full body 3D laser scan to provide you the right fit for a bike. No need to try every bike out on the rack to see which one has the best feel. There is now 3D laser scanning services that can scan all of your measurements and then create that bike frame to fit. This 3D laser scan takes into account your height, the width and height of your shoulders, arm length, and the height of your hips from the ground. Something tells me that this bike is going feel just right!

3D laser scanning services does it quick and simple

So how does body scanning CRM get the anthropometrics of an individual like you who wants the right ride? 3D laser scanning services is the answer. Just step inside the measuring module and the device will use a laser beam to collect measurements needed. The good thing about it is that it is a very non-invasive device. No one even needs to touch you to get the measurements. All of the guess work is done just by taking a few quick scans. All that is needed is a little information about what kind of riding you plan to do on the bike. After that, the software computes it all up and transfers it to your custom fit bicycle. 

If you are a serious biker and looking for a seriously comfortable ride then body scanning CRM is what you need. Do a little searching online and you should be able to find quite a few options for these custom fit bike services. This is just another great example of how 3D laser scanning services making our lives a little more enjoyable.

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