From Rapide 3D comes the Rapide Lite 200XL – the world’s first commercial quality 400mm desktop 3D Printer, brought to you by Rapide 3D, the team that created the original Rapide Lite 200 with X Wing Technology. Rapide Lite 200XL is compatible with Mac, PC and Linux and uses free to own open source software. Rapide Lite 200XL will be built from a block of solid aircraft grade aluminum and feature industry leading technology like an ARM 32 bit control board, a 2.8” LCD touch screen interface and a 214 x 214mm Aluminum Heated Bed.

Rapide Lite 200XL is a power house of printer precision with USB connection or stand alone SD Card printing (4GB SD Card included).

The Build Size – a massive 16,000cm3, allowing you to print objects up to 400mm tall right on your desktop!

The Build Platform – Aluminum Heated Bed made from 3mm machined aluminum PCB (214 x 214mm). Optional Bolsitate Glass bed.

The Control Board – ARM 32 bit technology that allows you to print beyond your wildest imagination.

The Control Interface – 2.8” Full Color LCD Touch Screen control interface which allows complete stand alone printing at the touch of the screen.

The Resolution – our very own Q Extruder matched to our X Wing Technology that delivers up to 50 micron resolution and speeds of up to 150mm per second!*

Simply put, Rapide Lite 200XL – Desktop Plus is the new standard for commercial quality desktop printing and offers an industry leading 400mm of build height.

Rapide Lite 200XL – Desktop Plus is a must-have for any 3D Printer user who requires build heights that other printers cannot offer on the desktop. The design suits office, home or school and it’s small foot print (367mm x 367mm) makes it perfect for the desktop. Check the video below for more information and check out