3D Printing Athletic Shoes of the Future

This week, Under Armour released its very first limited edition 3D printed shoe. This new shoe combines the classic UA athletic design with 3D printed mid-sole and upper design for max comfort and perfect fit. This new project from Under Armour was drawn up over the course of a 2 year study of geometric shapes and the combination of athletic shoes & 3D printing.

Fit 3D Printing

Under Armour isnt the only company investing in 3D printing technologies. Other companies such as Nike, Adidas, and New Balance have been experimenting with 3D manufacturing. But UA is the first company that has used their 3D manufacturing to bring their shoes to the market. Although UA has only made 96 pairs of these 3D printed shoes costing $300 per pair; they have opened the door for for more experimentation and the manufacturing of 3D printed athletic gear.

3D Printing

3D printing is changing the way we interact with the world, one step at a time. Now that these top athletic companies have begun experimenting with 3D technologies, what will we see next? The possibilities are endless with 3D printing.