There are great resources for 3D printing and/or 3D scanning in Portland.

  • Portland Public Library
  • Portland 3D Printing Lab
  • Multnomah County Library

    If these options don’t work out for you, we will be happy to provide a free quote. You can send your part to one of our scanning facilities where we can perform a high quality scan and create the desired output result.

    We are now able to offer a range of industrial 3D services, utilizing 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies to conveniently serve our customers in the Portland area.

    If you have a much larger goal in mind, such as scanning a plant or factory, we have got you covered. We scan power plants, food processing plants, building structure, quarry and stockpile operations, and other heavy industrial environments.

    Arrival 3D scans a variety of different parts


    How long does it take?

    Exact turnaround times vary depending on the scope of the 3D scan, but we can often scan a part and produce the desired 3D model within a matter of 3-5 days.

    How much does it cost?

    Scanning starts around $150 for small and simple parts and goes up from there based on size and complexity. Cost also depends on the type of CAD model that is needed. For example, parametric (feature-based) models
    take more time to create (and thus cost more) than an autosurface NURBS model.

    Can you scan large parts?

    Absolutely! We can scan:

    • Bridges
    • Turbine and Pump Skids
    • Tanks
    • Plant Ducting, Piping and Equipment
    • Aircraft
    • And much more!

    To see how one company is benefiting from our 3D scanning services, please watch this video:

    Call us today and let us know how 3D scanning can help you!


    3D Scanning Portland

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