Arrival 3D on the Trade Show Circuit

Last week Arrival 3D participated in The Pipeline & Energy Expo hosted in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Showcasing our incredible 3D scanning and modeling services, we also debuted our now available eviXscan HD Quadro 3D White Light Scanner. With a constantly expanding marketplace, trade shows are a great way for us to not only show how great our services are, but also to educate those in the industry about the power of 3D technologies and services and how they can help their business and current or future projects.The Pipeline & Energy Expo began in 2009 and has since become one of the largest and most extensive energy events in the region. This expo draws support from leading industry specialists and provides a great environment for industry professionals to network and learn about the latest and greatest products and services in the industry. With a thousand experts about the technologies and trends on the forefront of the industry, we thought it was only appropriate that we showcase our technology and services.With conference speeches, presentations and case studies from leading experts and a large portion of the pipeline and energy industries, this made for a perfect opportunity to learn about recent developments in pipeline technology, maintenance and operations integrity.With our success at the Pipeline & Energy Expo, Arrival 3D is moving forward and onto another spring trade show, The Reliable Plant Conference and Exhibition in Ohio. We hope to not only showcase our services to leading power plant companies and industries but also educate those interested in industrial 3D scanning and modeling services. Stay tuned for another update regarding the Reliable Plant Conference and Exhibition. If you happen to be in Columbus, OH April 25-27, feel free to stop by our booth and ask us about our latest services and offers! For more information regarding The Pipeline & Energy Expo, watch the video below or click here. For more information regarding the Reliable Plant Conference and Exhibition, watch the video below, or click here.