McLaren 3D Scanning

Since the 1963, the name McLaren has been synonymous with speed, precision, and luxury in the automotive industry and continues to this day with their production of race and driving vehicles. With McLaren’s already sterling reputation and incredible level of engineering, making custom fabrications and body kits are a challenge. In order to make these modifications, nothing short of the best and most accurate measurements possible. Thats where our 3D scanning services come in.

3D Scanning: Shifting Into Gear

In order to capture the body of this McLaren, a layer of automotive tape was used in order to dull down the reflectiveness of the car and help our scanner pick up a more accurate scan. Once the layer of tape had been applied, we were free to scan. With only 8 scans, we were able to capture not only the body of the vehicle, but the entire surrounding warehouse as well. Because the client only needed the point data from the car, we trimmed the fat of the surrounding data and were left with a great model of this incredible vehicle.

Now equipped with an extremely accurate model, our client can now design custom fabricated kits knowing that they will always be a perfect fit. For more information regarding Inspire Automotive, click here. For more information about the McLaren P1, click here. For more info regarding our 3D scanning services, click here.

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