CASE STUDY: 3D Scan & Revit Model a Monastery in Wyoming, WY.

The Arrival 3D scanning team was tasked with the 3D Laser Scanning of a Monastery in Wyoming for the purposes of building an as-built 3D model to facilitate the design of both the roof structure and the impressive CNC- machined limestone block finishing.

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    What Was Scanned

    3D Laser Scanning in Wyoming, WY: Our client, a monastic order living in the silence & solitude of the rocky mountains, are establishing an impressive monastery at their chosen home. 

    The forward-thinking people at the monastery commissioned Arrival 3D to assist in these efforts by documenting the existing structure via 3D laser scanning services, from which a point cloud was obtained that could be used to create a highly accurate Autodesk Revit model.

    The Revit model will be utilized in the design of the roof structure and the high-tech CNC machined limestone exterior. 

    The Arrival 3D data collection process took only a few hours onsite. The process of 3D laser scanning is clean and the equipment is compact and unobtrusive, so that the serene environment was not disturbed. Our only requirement was access to the property. 

    3D Laser Scanning throughout the interior and exterior of this impressive construction.

    Location of Scan

    Park County, Wyoming, WY.

    The 3D Laser Scanned full color point cloud facilitates the creation of highly accurate CAD models for development of changes and additions. 

    Scanner Used

    The tool of choice for this project was the Leica RTC360, a compact but highly capable 3D laser scanner made in Switzerland. It’s sophisticated operation allows automatic scan positioning for easy registration using its onboard VIS system that uses an array of cameras to track the scanning technician’s motions as he/she moves to the next scan location. 

    The high resolution and accuracy of this scanner permits the identification of fine and subtle features of the scanned cinder block walls. 

    3D Laser Scanning of a Monastery in the Rocky Mountains, Wyoming.


    Our client chose, in this case, to receive a fully detailed Revit BIM model as well as the unified Point Cloud. The CAD model will serve as the basis from which to design and construct both the roof structure and the CNC machined limestone cladding.

    It is difficult to think of a more elegant combination of 3D technology, engineering and art, as all 3 come together in this amazing project. 

    Do you have a similar project? We’d love to hear about it. 

    Laser Scan Monastery

    CAD Model developed from the scan point cloud

    Added Value

    The Arrival 3D have in the past been called upon to scan architectural projects where the client had attempted, unsuccessfully, to take manual measurements of the area they have intended to change. Later, having spent a great deal of time & money, and having constructed sub-assemblies that won’t fit, the information provided by an accurate 3d laser scan is able to help rectify the issues in the best possibly way. Rarely do existing architectural structures have existing, or accurate, blueprints. Furthermore, existing structures can subtly change dimensionally over time from their built condition, for countless reasons. 

    3D laser scanning services is often used to rapidly document existing conditions. 3D laser scan results can be provided in multitude of formats, and ultimately save our clients time, trouble and valuable funding in documenting the reality of projects presented to us. The peace of mind that is inherent with a digital representation of a project is priceless and the ability to share this accurate data with the entire team instantly, and often remotely, is one of the wonderful benefits that these technologies allow us today. 

    CAD Model

    Laser Scan Monastery

    CAD Model