3D Scanning Discontinued Parts

What happens when the manufacturer for a major piece of equipment discontinues the parts? You need to either buy a new machine, or start manufacturing replacement parts. This was the case at a nutritional supplement manufacturer in Corona, CA. They opted for manufacturing their own parts for their large bottle descrambler. The first hurdle they needed to overcome, was measuring the existing parts on the machine that needed repair or complete replacement. Thats where we come in.

Scanning Process

The parts in question for the descrambler were 2 large skirts where the bottles would be aligned in the machine and 9 bottle pockets where the bottles would be secured. These parts were made of fiberglass and were around 12 years old so they were a little worse for wear. Using the Creaform Go!SCAN 3D, we were able to quickly scan the large skirts onsite, as well as the interior of the descrambler itself. Once the skirt scanning was complete, we brought the bottle pockets back to our office in Anaheim to scan them with our Faro scanning arm.

Now equipped with the repaired models of the skirts and bottle pockets, they can now start manufacturing their own replacement parts for the descrambler and avoid the large cost of buying a new piece of equipment. Here at Arrival 3D, we are equipped to handle any and all 3D scanning needs, large or small. For more information regarding our 3D scanning services for your next project, click here.

Glanbia Nutritionals Scanning Obsolete Part
3D Scan of Discontinued Part