We utilize rapid prototyping services to bring your projects and ideas to life. Send us your design and we can create a plastic prototype for you in days, saving you the hassle so that you can concentrate on design and engineering.

Need to test fit mating parts?

Need to test the functionality of a new design for fit and ergonomics?

Are you an inventor and need to reduce a patent idea to practice? We can help you refine your design through CAD work and 3D printing to help you arrive at the best possible version of your new product.

Need a prototype to display to potential customers, partners or stakeholders? 3D-printed parts are fun and eye-catching, and a great way to foster discussion during your business development activities.

When there is no time to waste, rapid prototyping via 3D printing can help you meet your deadlines. We can get the parts to you promptly in most cases.

For functional prototypes of a larger size, we suggest ABS parts for toughness. ABS parts can take a beating and are readily sanded, drilled and painted.

For prototypes requiring close tolerances, or smaller/thin parts, we recommend the polyjet resin parts. These can be printed in layers as thin as .0006″. With sanding these parts can be glossy smooth or even transparent if desired.

Our manufacturing customers find this service to be invaluable for developing new products. In some cases, for just a few hundred dollars, engineers can hold new product ideas in their hands. This provides the opportunity to make several iterations of product improvements without having to spend thousands of dollars on mold making as they have had to do in the past.

Do you have a good idea that you would like to see brought to life? We can make it happen using rapid prototyping services!

Some examples of our rapid prototyping services include:

watch bodies
key chains
cases and enclosures
mechanical parts
fluid nozzles and mechanisms
and many more!

Take your product to the next level with our Rapid Prototyping Services.


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