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Some tips to help you prepare

  1. Gather pictures and drawings of the area to be scanned. This is probably the first question the Arrival 3D engineer will ask for. If you don’t have any, that is OK, we’ll work with what you’ve got. Even satellite photos from Google can be helpful. 
  2. Define the level of detail required. This is done by identifying items that must be seen in the scan and/or CAD model. An included/excluded list works well for this. There are also standard level-of-detail designations such as LOD300 for architectural and MEP modeling that can be specified. 
  3. Budget. It helps to have an idea of your budgetary expectations. If you do not know, that is OK. We can help you get the most for your money. 
  4. Schedule expectations. It helps to know how soon you would need to have the result. We want to be sure we can meet your requirements here, as we know that timely delivery is very important to you. 
person touching a 3d scanner

let us know how we do.

If for any reason we fall short and you do not experience world-class service, please call our president, Lanny Smith at 918-406-5002 and let him know.

We are looking forward to working with you!

3D scanning in Tulsa