3D Laser Scanning Delivers Fast Accurate Data For Critical Jobs

3D Laser Scanning services for time sensitive projects

There are different types of jobs that we are called on to do at different times. Some of them are just the daily routine and some are a bit off the beaten path. Sometimes the tasks must be completed within a specific window of time while others can be done whenever we get around to it. The detail requirements of a job may differ too. Some projects are not so harsh on detail, while others must be done according to exact specifications. The world of 3D laser scanning services is no different. Some times those projects can be easygoing, but some can be strict for time and detail. One such instance when time and detail are key is when retrofit projects need to be done right and fast.

As-built measurements a job for 3D laser scanning

Some retrofit projects call for a team of 3D laser scanning services technicians that can come in a get the job done quick. One example would be installing a massive tank in a gas processing plant. Such a project at a large plant will have to be installed within a few days time. In addition, like most retrofit projects, there needs to be some data collection before an installation can be done. Most plants, even if they have blueprints, don’t have as-built measurements on hand. It is one of those things that you don’t think about when a facility is being built. No one thinks about retrofitting until later in the game. Maybe it would be embarrassing for the builders to know that the as-built dimensions were not the same as the blueprint plans.

3D laser scanning services knows accuracy

In some cases, the retrofit installation team needs to go in and collect information speedily, and 3D laser scanning services is the only technology that can combine speed and accuracy. First of all speed is important when projects are going to interrupt daily operations. Moreover, the old ways of collecting measurement data can take much longer than the time allowed. Setting up ladders and other equipment to reach those impossible areas with a tape measure is both slow and dangerous. Even more important than the speed is the accuracy. If the accuracy is not there, then speed means nothing. No reason to hurry and do something just to mess it up and have to do it again. 3D laser scanning services is super accurate as a data collection tool. When it comes time to instal that massive tank in its spot, that accuracy has to be there.

The beauty of 3D laser scanning services is that it provides the best of all worlds as far as retrofit projects are concerned. Most people think that real-world conditions are hard to be met with, but 3D laser scanning services delivers the data goods. In the end it means more money for the business because it cuts down on labor costs. It does this by cutting labor hours and reduces chances for making errors that are going to cause more labor time to redo it. All in all, 3D laser scanning services is the go-to technology for time and accuracy for critical retrofit jobs.

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