3D Laser Scanning Does Honest Abe’s Cottage

3D Laser Scanning services preserves an honest man's home

A penny saved is a penny earned. That is what a wise man said, and now we are all saying it. Mr. Abraham Lincoln was one of our American heroes. He led the North to fight against the South. After the Civil War was over, he wrote the Emancipation Proclamation which declared the abolition of slavery. We can all be thankful for that. Not only did he do this, but he made the effort to bring our country together into one United States of America. What a stud! One of the black marks on his career was his speech that started with “Four-score and seven years ago…” Ever since that speech, kids all around the world have had to memorize that thing. Seriously, though, it was a great speech called the Gettysburg Address which he gave in at the Soldier’s National Cemetery in 1863. He was an amazing president. That is why people like to collect his stuff. His house is actually being preserved using 3D laser scanning services.

Who did the 3D laser scanning?

The 3D laser scanning services project was carried out by a college team from Ithaca College who took the trip down to the house of Honest Abe to scan it. The house was his summer cottage and is now considered a national monument in Washington D.C. The team went down to D.C. armed with 3D laser scanning services technology to capture it into the virtual world. The team went down with Leica scanners and took a scan of the entire inside. I am sure it was quite an interesting experience for the students who had never seen it before, just to get a feel for what it would have been like back when President Lincoln was pacing the floor practicing his speeches.

Collect them Digital points for ABE

The use of 3D laser scanning services to preserve such a wonderful heritage is great. A 3D laser scan of a house or a room makes it possible for everyone to enjoy it without even having to go there. A 3D laser scanner uses a laser beam a mass of point which are locations on the object. Millions of these points put together form a point cloud which makes a digital image. Just like in a video game where you can float through rooms. Now history enthusiasts can do the same thing with historical sites that are digitized using 3D laser scanning services. Not only that, but think of the potential that this has for other historical sites, too. Historical sites from all over the world could be visited by anyone and everyone from any place.

3D laser scanning services is an amazing tool. With a historical site made into a 3D virtual site, it would not cost any travel expense to go see it. All you have to do is sit in from of your laptop at Cafe Du Mode and connect to the internet. With that, you are good to go with pennies piling up in your pocket. Now we’re are talking in Abraham Lincoln’s terms.

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