3D Laser Scanning Fix Those Leaky Problems

Who Ya Gonna call? 3D Laser Scanning services

Doesn’t it frustrate you when things just don’t fit. You a take a thing apart to fix it and then you can’t get it back together the way it came apart. What a frustration. That happened to me when I tried installing a water filter. I took off the old on, put on the new one and got that thing all tightened up ready to turn on, and its starts dripping. After a few more attempts I was pulling my hair. That was a real pain. Now you can imagine what it would be like it if you were a company mass producing something and that kept having leak problems with some component. This is more than just your kitchen sink, it is the whole business operation. In such cases when you can’t figure out what is causing a problem, you might need to call in an expert. That expert may be 3D laser scanning services.

A leaky problem need 3D laser scanning services

Such a thing happened to a company that makes a popular soft drink beverage. Everything was just fine except for the cap of the bottle was not sealing properly. That is a big problem. They just couldn’t figure out what was causing the problem. They called in the engineers and had them see what they could find, but they were baffled. Once they knew the engineers couldn’t find the problem, they turned to 3D laser scanning services to do a fine-detailed computer model of the bottle and cap to see what the problem really was.

3D laser scanning gets it done in a snap

Indeed using 3D laser scanning services was the right thing to do. A 3D laser scan make a full, exact digital representation of the components so that they can be analyzed by computer. The 3D laser works by measuring light waves as it is reflected off of an object back to the laser sensor. The waves of light are used as a way to measure a point on that object. A multitude of those points are collected from all over the object until they are put together in a point cloud. That point cloud is used to make a digital image of the object. Once it is in digital form, taking measurements from the object is easy. Engineers are much more capable of determining structure flaws with the product using a computer model. That means that problems can be fixed faster. The time that it takes to do a 3D laser scan is a snap. It can be done in hours or even in minutes. That saves a lot of time and effort, and it helps solve problems fast.

I don’t think that 3D laser scanning services can help me with my water filter problem. The parts are designed well, I think. Most likely it is a user error. For companies that are designing products, though, it is a great advantage to have such a technology. Faster, cheaper, and more detailed means that the product will be fix fast and the company will be making profit. That is one thing that 3D laser scanning services is doing to reduce frustration increase productivity.

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