3D Laser Scanning For A Supply Chain


Do you ever wonder how some companies can sell things for so cheap? How can they many any money? A couple reasons might be either they are hiring slave labor or have refined their production process to mass produce real cheap. Hopefully it is the latter instead of the former. Involving 3D laser scanning services is another factor that could help improve production costs and quality of a supply chain.

REASONS TO NEED 3D laser scanning services

How important is it to use 3D scanning services for a supply chain? I can think of a few good reasons. First all, in order to get things done is a zippy fashion, you have got to make sure things are getting done accurately. It is not much use to create a bolt speedily if it is not going to fit the nut. 3D scanning services adds an element of accuracy to your product line that couldn’t be achieved in the past. A laser had the ability to get into those tough to reach spots that are difficult for traditional measurement tools. What that is going to result in is a faster output of products. This is going to help get that product in the hands of the consumer much faster. Secondly, you are able to do much more for less. Image processing power is on the upward move, and that means that you are going spend less money and do much more. This is why so many fields are starting to use 3D laser scanning services. The medical industry is using it. So are construction companies, manufacturers, media and film companies, and many more.


The working of 3D scanning is pretty simple. The 3D scanner is a device that collects data regarding the shape of an object by using a laser and a sensor. The laser reflects off of the object and the sensor picks up the waves of light as they are reflected back. Basically what is being recorded is the time it takes for the light to reflect back to the sensor. That information is recorded as a point of distance. Many of these points put together create what is called a point cloud. That point cloud is what is used to create a digital image. An analyzing process of an object can therefore be completely computerized. Not only that, but it can also be modified and analyzed digitally to create the best product possible. That is why 3D scanning services can enhance the supply chain process and increase productivity.

3D laser scanning services would be a good choice for improving a supply chain. It would require a little cost of investment at first, but it would pay off in the end. The amount of error reduced in the production process by workers, and the amount of optimization that it would bring would improve the overall productivity. Of course, there might be situations where 3D laser scanning services would not be worth the investment due to the size of the production line. That is something that each company will have to decide for itself.

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