3D Laser Scanning for Earphones

create your dream earphones using 3D laser scanning!

I have never been a fan of earphones that stick in your ear. It feels like someone poking their finger in my head.  After about 20 minutes of that feeling, I end up taking them out to let some fresh air into my ear canals. The truth is that I would much rather wear some cushiony headphones that fit like a pair of earmuffs, and I don’t care if they look stupid. That’s not the end of my troubles, though. The problem with those big earmuff-style headphones is that they are bulky and not so fun to carry around. Well, do you now see my problem with headphones and earphones? Am I doomed to be the guy who walks around with a beatbox on his shoulder because I can’t get find the right headphones? I can’t be the only guy out there thinking this. Are there any solutions out there? Well, I said all of that just to tell you “Yes, there is.”  That solution is 3D laser scanning.

introducing "snugs" - custom made earphones

There are some options out there that 3D laser scanning has provided, but one is called Snugs. Snugs is a custom fit earphone, molded specifically for your unique ear shape. Earphones come regular and wireless, and can be used for listening to music, ear protection, or ear monitoring. They ship their earphones all over the world (43 countries and counting!).

Up until earphones like the Snug came out, most custom made ear plugs were a silicon stuff that you placed in your. After it took the shape of the inside of your ear, they would take it out and send it away to be made into an earphone.  Not only did it take a lot of time, but it was expensive and used only by people like professional musicians. The way the Snug works is quite simple. The way it is made is an easy process that needs no highly trained professionals. All the technician needs to know is how to run a 3D laser scanner and everything is ready to go.

Image from snugs.com.

Here is how it works: You go into the store and say that you want to buy some Snugs. From that point on its easy.  The scanning happens on the spot. No need to invade your ear with some gooey stuff. The 3D laser scanning process needs only a clear view of your ear and the job can be done hands-free. Once that is done, just decide on what style of earplug you want and the technicians can get busy producing your custom made earphone. If you choose the style that hangs on your ear instead of the insert type, you will feel the difference. The earphones don’t stick in your ear like a rubber stopper.  Instead, they rest on your ear comfortably. Oooh, now that’s what I’m talking about!

3d laser scanning for a custom, comfortable fit

It sounds like these 3D laser scanned earphones have solved my problem. What a winner! It is easy to carry, and it feels good on my ears. I can finally sit and listen to my favorite music for as long as I want, and not have to pull them out to give my ears a break! 

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