3D Laser Scanning Goes Into the Mines

From Star Wars to 3D Laser Scanning Services

Are there any Star Wars fans out there? I want you to think with me what would R2D2 look like if he were on planter earth. What would the average robot Joe living on planet earth be doing to try to make ends meet. There would be no space ship to co-pilot , and no plot to take over the human race (at least not yet). My guess is that he would most likely be a 3D-R1 survey vehicle. He would probably get a job working for a company like 3D Laser Mapping based out of the UK. Chances are, the only job he could find would be climbing down into the precious metal mines doing 3D laser scanning services.

A 3D laser scanning mining machine

There is a company that runs out of Nottingham called 3DLM (3D Laser Mapping). They put heads together with Jobling Purser LPP to make robot scanners that works by remote control to do mine inspection. The machine that they created is a light weight 3D laser scanning vehicle that checks mines for hazards before they send people in to do work. The mining team works remotely from the surface as the robot is navigated by remote-control into the mine and uses 3D laser scanning services to collect data on the chambers.

The Right Bot for the Job

The 3D-R1 collects data both fast and accurately. It had a chance to probe itself in a silver mine in Mexico conducted by the Arian Silver Corporation. Over a three day period, the robot went through the mine and collected a massive amount of data. In that short amount of time, it captured over a mile’s worth of data. Once collected, all of the data points were processed and made into a 3D image. The mining company was then able to discern the the level of safety to send miners in to work. The 3D virtual model also helped them work out their mining strategy.

More to say about 3D laser scanning services

There is more that can be said about 3D laser scanning services for the mining industry. 3D laser scanning can be a great tool for monitoring a mining site. This is especially true for the areas that are not easily accessible. Probably the best thing about it is the time and money robots can save companies. A lot of time is saved just not having to go in and set up a laser scanners. The robot goes in a does the job by itself. That, in turn, saves a lot of money because they don’t have to pay the workers to do it. It is no wonder that 3D laser scanning services is being more widely used in the mining industry. The benefits are great and should not be overlooked.

It looks like R2D2 won’t be just a robot bum without a job. There are many other application also to consider if the pay isn’t good enough. Inspecting tunnels, buildings that are  too dangerous to enter, and even cleanups after an earthquake. 3D laser scanning services has some wide application possibilities.

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