How 3D Laser Scanning services are Changing The Way Power Plants Work

aiding in the conversion of coal to natural gas

Coal power plants have been known to cause air pollution that is harmful to our environment. One company named NVisions Inc. is helping massive coal power plants convert their operations to gas turbines. Natural gas emits less carbon dioxide, which is better for the environment and the air we breathe. It is not a foolproof way to save the environment, but it is a fantastic start, and 3D laser scanning services is one of the first steps in converting a plant. 

However, many coal power plants have massive pieces of equipment like turbines and large engines that are not easy to convert. The first step is to dissect and inspect them; this can take a long and tedious amount of time by hand. 3D laser scanning provides a way to analyze the inside and outside of these substantial pieces, and an engineer can easily create a digital model.

This technology allows them to see what needs to be replaced, all models digitally and allows researchers to create an action plan. Once everything is laid out and all of the information is easy to see, they can create an operation to make the switch. This can help convert from coal to gas easier, faster, and with less downtime for all workers. This can increase profits, and the return on investment is amazing when talking about 3D laser scanning services

How to make 3D models of a power plant

The first step to the process is acquiring a 3D laser scanning device to scan the entire plant. The most common type of scanner used for this project is LIDAR or light detection and ranging. It uses sensors and laser beams that are being measured by the distance they travel. 

This is one of the best versions to use if big objects are involved or massive spaces to scan. It can study substantial things but pick up the smallest amount of detail. The biggest benefit of this is that it is exact, and paired with a computer-aided design program, it can allow some to see 3D models with accurate dimensions. 

Once the entire space is scanned, the model needs to be created through a separate program. From there, all the information gets saved in the cloud, where it can be used as a future reference. Once this step is done, the entire team can see exactly what pieces need work or converted to natural gas turbines. This allows the team to work virtually and test components out before ever doing anything in the physical world. 

This system allows them to see all problems upfront and understand how to work around them quickly. It also allows the team to work safely because they have all of the information upfronts. There is nothing hidden with the help of 3D laser scanning services. 

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning services have emerged in many different fields, helping us create cleaner air for the future. More and more power plants are turning to natural gasses and fossil fuels for various reasons. NVision Inc is helping them make the switch by promoting the use of cutting-edge technology.

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