Arrival 3D laser Scanning service – for  Elephants?

One great use for 3D laser scanning service is to take something small and make it bigger. That was what the Tulsa Zoo needed Arrival 3D to do for their new Asian Elephant exhibit. They first utilized the skills of their very talented in-house artist, Jennifer O’Neal.

3d laser scanning service laser-scan-elephant
Original  artist sculpture of mother and baby elephant

Jennifer sculpted a mother and baby elephant out of modeling clay and gave it to us on a wooden board. The clay was still soft, so it was important to handle the sculpture with utmost care. Thankfully, our non-contact 3D laser scanning service was able to scan the mother and baby without marring the clay’s delicate surface.

mother elephant scan
STL file generated from laser scan point cloud
Full size exhibit accurately captures the facial expression

The scan data was used to create an STL file that was transferred to a CNC shop specializing in large foam parts. CNC machines were used to rough in the geometry of the elephants in foam. The elephants were transferred to their final destination where artists then finished the fine details to make them look like real elephants. The result is a highly realistic exhibit that is irresistible to kids who want to climb all over it.

Recently, we visited the zoo to see the exhibit in person and took some pictures of it. Visit our Flickr page here to see more photos of the exhibit.

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