Small parts can be challenging to scan. Watch face parts are especially challenging because they so small they are nearly microscopic. Our customer had been searching for a solution nation wide and even overseas for a to scan these watch parts and even spent a good deal of money in a trial that was not too successful. We took up the challenge to help them find a solution without breaking the bank.

rolex watch parts
Crown emblem, bezel ring and watch face to be measured

We came up with a methodology for creating 3D models of watch face parts using a combination of 3D laser scanning and photogrammetry, producing highly accurate results at a fraction of the cost of other high dollar scanning services. We modeled several parts of the watch face including hands, tick marks, the bezel ring, and watch face disc. All parts required utmost accuracy due to the precise nature of watches. The customer reported our service to be six (6) times cheaper than a major CT scanning company had charged them, and the result was much more useful in that we delivered editable Solidworks models rather than just the raw scan data.

crown 3D model
3D model of crown
watch bezel ring
Watch Bezel Ring 3D Model