3D Laser Scanning Services Help Reduce Aircraft Assembly Costs

It's Also A Safe Way To Build

Aircraft assembly can be costly because of the amount of time it takes and the labor for each aircraft. Often, large teams have to go in to inspect an aircraft before they even start working on it. This amount of time can cost a large sum of money. Each person has a job to do and each part can take a long time to complete. What if there was a way to speed up this process and save money? There is. 3D laser scanning services can help eliminate the amount of time analyzing an aircraft, save money by ensuring accurate pieces, and reduce mistakes.

Technology has created some of the best tools that many companies are opting to utilize. A project done in southern Ireland wanted to ensure they could make 3D laser scanning services beneficial to the aircraft assembly field.

The team of researchers focused on three different goals.

Creating a start-to-finish product

One of the main goals of creating 3D laser scanning services was to create an end-to-end process. This means this tool can help understand the missing pieces, create the missing pieces, and place them exactly where they need to be. This speeds up the entire assembly process and keeps the entire team on the same page about what has been done and what needs to be done.

A mobile scanning solution

This research team wanted to create a scanning solution that could scan the entire aircraft using a collaborative platform. 3D laser scanning services can do that and it helps the assembly team understand and analyze the entire plane all at once.

Managing the scans

Researchers wanted the assembly team to be able to manage all of the scans. This would help give them all of the information to get them the best fitting pieces to install into the aircraft.
All three of these goals allow the users to get the best information possible and allow the information to be gathered quickly. 3D laser scanning services are one of the best ways to ensure an aircraft is built safer.
This machine was built with the purpose of making things more cost effective and the assembly process faster which also saves money. It allows an aviation team to move quicker without compromising the safety requirements. In fact, it becomes safer because the 3D laser scanning services are so thorough.

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