Using 3D Laser Scanning Services to Map the World with Augmented Reality

Over 200 Billion Street Images Collected

Many people don’t know this, but one of the most significant projects being done with 3D laser scanning services is mapping the world. In the future, this will enable us to decorate and enhance the streets with augmented reality. To do this, researchers need precise locations, and 3D laser scanning allows them to capture the accurate site like no other tool can. 

Scape, a London-based startup, focuses on building augmented reality on a city scale. All of the work done is localized and incredibly accurate. This company has collected over 200 billion street images to help create a virtual world and 3D map the locations. 

Augmented reality requires precision that we could not achieve without 3D laser scanning devices. This tool gives us the exact location to create something unique based on your location. For example, one day, you may be walking in your neighborhood but see it differently. 

“Scape is about taking this to the next level. It’s about expanding this capability out to an entire living, breathing city,” Cofounder Edward Miller says.

Future events in 3D

When you think of 3D laser scanning services, you may not think about hosting events. However, the truth is a city could host an event virtually. Everything about the town and all coordinates can be picked up with the help of this technology, and a new event can be created. 

You can host games, art events, and even community events that allow us to be distant from each other. One day you may be able to walk down the street with your family member from across the world. Who knows what the future will bring us. 

How are 3D laser scanning services used to collect information?

There are so many different devices, but all of them work relatively the same way. In this case, they use a machine that picks up thousands of pictures per minute. It can be hooked on the back of a bike, used walking around, or even put on a car. Within minutes a location is identified, and all details have been documented. 

The information captures things like street dimensions, textures, buildings, signs, and more. Many researchers have adopted this technology to use on different projects because of each 3D laser scanning device’s detail. 

Once the information has been picked up, it gets sent to a partnering system to be reviewed and edited. This is truly where the magic happens. This software is where the researchers can add in things that are not there in real life. This program allows them to paint the town and save the information. 


There has never been a tool like 3D laser scanning, and the market for this tool will pick up in the next few years. Soon we will be using this device as regularly as we use our GPS. We will see the world differently, and it will be thanks to this impressive technology. 

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