3D Laser Scanning Services Are Being Used More and More in Construction

It’s Accurate, Saves Time, and Reduces Costs

Advancements and improvements in 3D laser scanning services have been implemented in many industries, including media, gaming, medical and automotive. Although its use in construction might lag a bit behind, it is quickly becoming standard on building and construction sites. 

3D scanning can help designers and engineers evaluate the dimensions of even the most complex structures to quickly and accurately create a digital model that can be further evaluated or analyzed.

Using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), 3D scanning uses a laser beam to precisely scan the structure’s surface from up to several meters away. The scanned image is then converted into a 3-dimensional model that can be viewed from any point of reference and zoom. 

The Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning Services in Construction

Regardless of the size or scope of the project, there are several benefits to using 3D scanning services on a construction site.

Accuracy – The LiDAR technology used in 3D scanning for construction sites is far more precise and accurate than manual analyses and is much more repeatable.

Time – 3D scanning provides a near-immediate virtual model of the structure for further analysis

Costs – The reduction in time and ease of use drastically lower the costs of dimensional analyses of structures.

Reduction in manual work – When used on a drone, 3D scanning can analyze and convert the entire structure’s surface into an electronic model without needing a worker to move around the building or climb on ladders or a roof. 

Streamline collaboration – With the near-immediate creation of the virtual model, engineers and architects can remotely collaborate with peers without needing everyone to meet at a single site.

How to Use 3D Laser Scanning Services in Construction

Start Early – Introducing new technology nearly always involves a learning curve or burn-in time. Implementing 3D scanning sooner will provide the benefits much earlier.

Choose the best implementation model for you – Given the increase in 3D laser scan companies and technologies, many companies and services offer rentals or contracting opportunities. Before fully committing to 3D scanning for construction, it might be worth exploring one of the alternative routes before a full purchase commitment. 

Supplement, don’t replace other technology – Although there are significant benefits of 3D scanning, there is no need to replace current technology processes that are successful in your construction company. 3D scanning can provide just as many benefits as support or supplementary role.

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