Using 3D Laser Scanning Services to Prevent COVID-19

We know that COVID-19 made an appearance and shook up the entire world. We are finding ways to ensure everyone gets vaccinated, but we have to remain socially distant until then. Companies are starting to use 3D laser scanning services and devices attached to doors at the entry and exit of a building. It can help monitor the number of people inside a building when they come out and help ensure that the people remain socially distant. 

This 3D laser scanning device can be good for all public spaces that want to ensure the people who visit. SICK PeopleCounter is an app that can be put throughout the building or at the entrance and exit. It’s a versatile app that can help prevent the spread of COVID when we still need to be vigilant. 

This app uses a special algorithm that collects cloud points or data points. They measure the person’s direction, which way they’re coming from, and who is closest to them. Anyone watching the screen gets updated in real-time, which can be incredibly beneficial for security teams and may help with contact tracing.

Why are 3D laser scanning services important?

There are many reasons why companies all over the world are adopting 3D laser scanning services. It can help businesses stay afloat, monitor people, and make supplies that can help prevent the spread of the disease. In addition, it is the best way to monitor people without personally interfering. 

Prevents Germs

Due to the sensitive lasers, there is actually no touching involved in the process of scanning people. All anyone has to do is monitor the information that is fed to them in real-time. This limits the spread of germs and can protect people. 

Separates People

When these scanning devices are put in the entryways, security can separate those who are too close together. This will add an extra layer of protection for people who are in a public area. It can be good for stores, malls, and other shops that need to limit the number of people.

Can create customized gear

Another way that 3D laser scanning services can help during a pandemic is by making customized face gear. Wearing a mask is not always the most comfortable. With the help of 3D laser scanning services, a researcher can make a customized face mask to protect a person and allow them to wear it all day in comfort. 

How 3D laser scanning works

It is a small version to attach to a door but uses lasers and pictures to capture precise information. It takes rapid pictures of a scene and collects data. It can capture sizes, locations, objects, textures, and more. Then, it feeds the data to a partnering system where it can be developed and analyzed. 

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning services have been helping us so much during this pandemic. It is a device we have never had throughout any other pandemics and has proven to be a handy tool. As we battle this nasty virus, most of our companies will have adopted this technology to keep us safe even once the pandemic is over. 

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