3D Laser Scanning Services Are Advancing Dental Imaging

The Technology Offers Amazing Benefits for Dentists

Thanks to imaging involving 3D laser scanning services and devices, dentists can take faster and more accurate scans of a patient’s teeth and jaw. It allows dentists to see the entire area at one time identifying problems quicker than ever before. Previous imaging took time, was uncomfortable, and not consistently accurate. There are some unique benefits to using 3D laser scanning services over other forms of traditional imaging. 

One of the best features of creating 3D models is that it allows dentists to observe and interact with the imaging. It has not happened in the past and can impact the plans for a patient. Doctors worldwide are finding that this new technology brings amazing benefits they would never have had before. 

3D dental scanning can help with root canals, implants, bone grafts, cosmetic restoration, and even other types of oral surgery. It allows the dentists to save the information digitally and for however long they need. Instead of creating physical models to store for years, it will enable them to save space by creating digital models. It also allows for patients to see how their jaws and teeth are changing over the years. The dentists can scan, save, and in the future compare. 

Benefits of using 3D laser scanning services in dentistry 

Some unique benefits entice dentists into making the switch to using 3D laser scanning services. It has been a slower adoption but is not gaining speed in all areas of the medical world. More advancements are coming out involving 3D laser scanning services, and that makes it easier to adopt. Here is a list of the advantages someone has by using this technology.

Less radiation

Instead of a patient being exposed to radiation for a long time, this cuts that time in half. Passive 3D imaging solutions will not emit any radiation keeping the patient safe. The process is faster than other methods and safer. 


Instead of using an uncomfortable and not-so-tasty foam to create a mold, 3D laser scanning services are non-invasive. It makes it way more comfortable for a patient and will ensure that the patient stays loyal to the dentist. 

Three dimensions

3D laser scanning allows the dentist to have a complete image from every angle. It can be massively beneficial. There is greater detail than you would ever think, making it easier to develop a treatment plan. 

Combining technology

One of the very best reasons a dentist may start using this technology is to combine it with 3D printing. It allows the scans to be sent to a printer and can be turned into a physical model if the patient needs it. 

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning services has changed our world and is continuing to change the medical world. This technology may help dentists identify problems quickly and fix issues for patients fix easier than ever before. We are adopting this technology for so many reasons, and we can’t wait to see what uses come out next. 

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