Epic Games and M-XR collaborate on 3D Laser Scanning Services

Companies Join Forces

Epic Games has invested in MX-R, a London-based 3D laser scanning services company. The company will use the investment to improve its ability to produce 3D models.

The goal of MX-R working with other companies, such as Quixel, is to utilize their 3D-scanning capabilities and continue to improve and evolve along with the market. Quixel is an Epic-owned company.

MX-R’s goal is to improve its scaling in its 3D scanning. Scaling is important in producing 3D scanning for its modeling solution to help these creators make their models at scale.

With the bar set so high for 3D scanning, finding people capable of producing to that standard is harder. The teams that produce 3D content are mainly those who already have skills and experience. Hiring workers who don’t know what they’re doing can be costly and time-consuming. 

The goal is to develop more tools that allow those who don’t already have the skills and experience in 3D scanning to join, which would make for a wide variety of 3D content.

If more tools for 3D scanning are developed, that opens up a whole world of possibilities. People could teach themselves from home to use these tools and create and develop new ideas. Creators could bounce ideas off each other if there’s more out there. If the devices themselves are more accessible, more 3D content can be created. 

This also allows the standard for the quality of 3D scanning to be more moderate rather than only high quality who accept high-quality team members. This would enable many more people to pitch their ideas and make it more of an equal playing field. 

Final Thoughts on the 3D Laser Scanning Services Collaboration

Epic Games and MX-R look forward to working with each other to expand the 3D world. The senior director from Quixel, Teddy Bergsman, stated, “MX-R have impressed us with their rate of progress.”

 Something important with technology is the constant need to keep up the pace and with the times. As noted by Teddy Bergsman, MX-R is keeping a good pace and also has, as he said, “automated the processing of scan data,” continuously improving. 

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