3D Laser Scanning Services: A Fiber Optic Scanner For Diseases

Prototype Is Being Developed

Currently, a prototype for a fiber optic 3D laser scanning services device is in the works. It will one day be used to help examine a person. But not just their body. It will help examine individual cells that could allow doctors to see diseases before they spread. This type of 3D laser scanning device will also enable them to take images of the cells to understand diseases further.  

Typically, this type of machine would only be allowed in a state-of-the-art lab. However, this new 3D laser scanner would be in clinical settings meant for doctors. This new device would also help a patient feel more comfortable. Usually, chemicals are needed and injected into a body or area to examine the cells. Using this technology, they would need no chemicals. 

For years, doctors have been studying diseases and trying to understand them on a deeper level. It’s tough to examine, measure, and analyze cells, especially inside of a body. This tool could provide all doctors a way to quickly explore and view cells that could carry diseases. 

“We believe its ability to measure the stiffness of a specimen, its bio-compatibility, and its endoscopic-potential, all while accessing the nanoscale, are what set it apart. These features set the technology up for future measurements inside the body, towards the ultimate goal of minimally invasive point-of-care diagnostics,” says author Salvatore La Cavera.

What information does the scanner pick up?

This technology would do a lot more than just capturing images of a cell. The system would use two lasers to fully understand the cell the doctors are examining. It will emit short pulses of energy that stimulate the cell. The vibrations are detected through the machine, allowing them to see how stiff a cell is. A layer of metal absorbs one laser while the other laser collides with the sound waves. 

The information of the two lasers is collected. Then they can recreate it visually to see the cells in action. It will help detect stiffness, size, shape, and more of the cell. It allows the doctors to get an incredibly detailed view of the body. 

Why should we use 3D laser scanning services to detect disease?

By studying disease, we can understand who they attack, who is at risk, and more importantly, understand cures. One hundred years ago, we never would have imagined being able to study diseases on a cellular level. It’s the first step to understanding viruses or diseases that attack on a cellular level, including cancer, SARS, and HIV. For years we have been researching these and trying to find cures to save people’s lives. 

3D laser scanning services may be able to bring us one step closer to solving these mysteries than ever before. We are witnessing changes in technology that are helping us live longer and understand what goes on inside the human body. There is no doubt that as soon as this version of 3D laser scanning is released to medical clinics, doctors will understand more about their patients. 

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