Manufacturers Turn to 3D Laser Scanning Services

3D Scanning is a Valuable Tool for Asphalt Manufacturing

For materials like asphalt, providing the exact amount down to the particle is imperative for running and operating a business. Many manufacturers opted to take 2D photos of the operation process, but this leaves many errors. There is no way for a 2D photo to provide the real-time information that a company needs to succeed. On top of that, it can not show the exact details involved in a process. It’s why many manufacturers have started using 3D laser scanning services

3D laser scanning services and advanced computer-aided design software can allow anyone to pick up small details on a process and then analyze them. For example, it can give them real-time views of the amount of asphalt being crushed and recorded. In addition, it allows someone to monitor particle size, weight, and overall crusher performance. 

It’s a better solution than having people analyze a situation because there is no way for them to get close enough to the crusher to measure particle size, and there are too many to try to count. It is also highly dangerous to send someone too close to a heavy piece of equipment crushing up asphalt. 

Why are 3D laser scanning services important?

Monitoring a manufacturing process is important for a good outcome. If anything goes wrong and gets shipped to a customer, there can be lawsuits, warranty claims, and lost business. Therefore, the right amount must get shipped out, which can be incredibly hard to do without the help of technology. 

It’s one of the best ways to keep humans at a distance while picking accurate information. This tool is non-destructive and non-invasive, meaning it will not hurt the products. It can analyze rapidly and ensure the best quality product. 

How does this technology work?

This technology uses lasers and lights. The distance is measuring each laser they travel as they roam over objects. It picks up small details including, holes, textures, colors, and more. One of the best things about 3D laser scanning equipment is that it can measure dimensions and widths. 

This technology was created in the 60s, but since then have come some fantastic advancements, and there are now tons of versions. Many of them have combined technology that helps take accurate scans of a surface or object. 

The original goal of this technology was to capture information in the real world and analyze it digitally. The plan has not changed much over the years; the equipment just got better at capturing the data. 

Final thoughts

Many people outside of manufacturing have adopted 3D laser scanning. Construction crews are using this technology for road construction and rehabilitation. There are tons of architects utilizing this tool for updating historic houses and developing new styles of homes more sustainably. Lastly, it is good for engineers to understand how something is put together. 3D laser scanning has brought many advantages in various areas, and now it is genuinely helping to manufacture objects. 

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