3D Laser Scanning Services: Ship Retrofits

Using Cloud Points

It may seem impossible to collect so much data, especially when talking about one billion data points on something like a ship. However, with the help of 3D laser scanning services, it is entirely possible to pick up every point on a space and upload it into augmented reality. As a result, many people have been turning to the virtual world to study things, and preparing ships for retrofits is one of the areas that has seen advantages of this technology. 

Ships need retrofits all the time or pieces added on that they were not manufactured with. However, many ships also don’t have correct design plans to show manufacturers or builders who are adding pieces on. It means that a process goes much slower, and things can go wrong easier. Sometimes a retrofit is done and then has to be redone. It means it is more money for the ship owner and more time for the people designing and implementing a new piece on the ship. 

3D laser scanning services can help this process by collecting millions of data points on a ship and creating an accurate design. A company called ShipReality uses large 3D laser scanning equipment to collect these points on massive vessels. Then they create a virtual reality with those points that have been collected. It gives accurate insights on how the ship was originally built and important places to keep in mind while adding new things. 

What are Cloud points?

Cloud points can easily be picked up by 3D laser scanning and are not something we can see with our eyes. For many of us, this concept is hard to understand. Cloud points are the data that represent objects and act as coordinates for technology. It’s what you see in virtual reality and what helps make it look like the real world. Cloud points are becoming more relevant as 3D laser scanning rises and has been an essential part of CAD software. 

Creating immersive experiences that help to manufacture 

Viewing a ship in 3D has many advantages. 3D laser scanning is so precise that it can pick up all information you can think of. So, when they create an immersive experience of a ship, this means you will see everything there is to know. It is a detailed and accurate floor plan of the ship. 

You will see every wall and its dimensions, pipes, gears, floors, and more. It will help manufacturers understand what needs updating and what needs to be added in without harming the ship’s primary functions. This technology is incredibly beneficial and will help update vessels faster than ever before. 

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning is not new, but over the last several years has developed past what anyone ever expected. More companies are adopting this technology because of its undeniable advantages. Ships have the hardest time with retrofits because most of them do not have accurate floor plans. This technology will help develop those vessels faster than we have ever seen. 

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