3D Laser Scanning Services: Ukraine Scans Its Priceless Artifacts

Creating Digital Backups

An artifact is a term used to describe an item created or shaped by people, such as a tool or a work of art, and especially an archaeological object. Archaeological excavations have uncovered things that could be cultural artifacts of historical significance. Historical events should be documented and maintained so that we can remember and learn from those who participated. It’s important to preserve artifacts in order to tell the tale of the past to future generations. In light of the Russian invasion, one extremely effective means of preserving these artifacts is to use 3D laser scanning services, which Ukraine has already invested in.

Saving Ukraine’s Culture

People in Ukraine are employing 3D scanning services to save cultural heritage sites before the Russian invasion threatens to destroy them.

Making digital backups of sculptures and other public essential objects that could soon be turned into piles of rubble is a gloomy use of technology.

Backup Ukraine was organized by smartphone camera capture app Polycam, which collaborated with UNESCO, Vice Media Group, Danish non-profit Blue Shield Danmark, Ukraine’s Heritage Emergency Rescue Initiative, and the National Museum of Ukrainian History.

According to the website of the project, “Wrecking a nation’s history and heritage is the fastest means to losing its national identity.”

“Given Russia’s spurious rejection of Ukraine’s independence and unique cultural pride, we take the obliteration of its history quite gravely.”

At least for the next five years, Polycam has promised to host all of the scans that are now available. A wide range of artifacts, from Russian tanks to Jenga towers, have been scanned by local residents.
Given the obvious dangers of walking the streets of Ukraine right now, the company advises participants to “Stay safe at all times!” A warning to “Respect curfews and do not try capture in regions of immediate violence” is included.

As distressing as it is, inhabitants are finding inventive methods to cling on to their shared heritage, even if only as transient digital reproductions of what once was, despite the invasion. which is now practically made easy by employing the 3D laser scanning services.

Preservation of Digital Data Using 3D Laser Scanning Services

The idea is to use 3D scanning services to scan pretty much anything of cultural worth.

The company is actively seeking volunteers who can turn nearly anything into three-dimensional reconstructions using their smartphones and the Polycam software (which requires the deployment of 3D scanning services) — which is now free to use in Ukraine.

3D scanning services are included on the website, which states, “We want to put this new technology in Ukraine’s hands, so that they can preserve all that they believe is culturally significant and retain it indefinitely.

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