3D Laser Scanning Services Used to Analyze Skin

Can Help Identify Areas of Concern

Every day most of us look in the mirror, and we analyze our skin. We determine if we need to wash or use a face mask regularly and look at our wrinkles. However, we don’t always see every problem. Now, 3D laser scanning services can help analyze your skin and identify the most significant concerns. Using this technology can help identify any hidden sun damage, wrinkles, or acne scars that the eyes may not see. 

3D laser scanning services takes skincare to the next level and helps treat our skin before serious problems arise. There are many benefits to using technology in skincare, and it belongs here. Without multiple tests that take a long time to run, most skincare professionals have no idea what is wrong or what could potentially be wrong, so they can’t treat it. This new scanner called Visia takes the guesswork out of analyzing your skin. 

The process is more straightforward, comfortable, and more in-depth than other ways of analyzing someone’s skin. It takes a few moments and is not a tedious process. You can find these machines at a dermatologist’s office or even a doctor’s office, and they may help prevent skin disease in the future.

How it works

Though this technology may sound somewhat intimidating, it is not. There is a cushion where you place your chin so the machine can analyze your face straight on. This 3D laser scanning device takes three photos of your face. One picture is taken with daylighting, one with cross-polarization to reduce glare, and UV lighting to examine the surface below your skin. 

Through the pictures, seven different things are analyzed. It captures wrinkles, texture, UV damage, red areas, brown spots, pores, and general spots. It allows a doctor to thoroughly examine your skin quickly and develop a treatment plan in a few minutes. You can get a custom skincare routine that will help prevent damage in the future.

Benefits of 3D laser scanning services

This technology has been around forever, and Visia technology has been around for 15 years but has advanced to be more beneficial. It can now tell you how old your skin appears and how it will age over the next few years. This feature is called TruSkin age. There are other benefits to using this technology. 

First of all, this is an entirely non-invasive way of gathering data on a person. It makes it much more comfortable for a patient to sit through. There is no touching involved unless the doctor needs to analyze something else. 

The scanner will not damage the skin, and it will not damage anyone’s eyes. The next best thing about this device is that it can save information for each patient. They can compare skin over the years and keep a good reference on someone. 

Final thoughts

If you are thinking about maintaining healthy skin, it might be time to give 3D laser scanning services a chance. It can be one of the best ways to identify skin problems and develop a personalized plan with custom products meant for your skin. It will be one of the best ways to maintain young and glowing skin. 

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