3D Laser Scanning That Goes The Distance

Go long with 3D Laser Scanning services

3-2-1! He throws the ball just as the buzzer sounds. It flies across the court. Swoosh. The crowd goes wild. Everyone likes to see a long shot. Especially when it really counts. Don’t think that I am just talking about basketball. This is true in the world of 3D laser scanning services. Sometimes what needs to be scanned quite a distance away. Either you are too lazy to go scan it, or it is quite inaccessible. There is a solution to that problem. That solution is none other than a Leica ScanStation P50.

3D laser scanning with this bad boy

The Leica ScanStation P50 carries the full punch of the P40 cameras but it has the speed and reach to beat all others. I am not just talking about a consistent 3-Point shooter, but a half to full court long bomb “for all the marbles”  scanner. We aren’t just talking several hundred feet, we are talking about a kilometer. Even at such a distance, it keeps its accuracy too. That is something to boast about. Every professional working in 3D laser scanning services should consider working with one of these. This is not the minor leagues of 3D laser scanning services, if you know what I mean. This is the big boy leagues. So if you are in need of scanning some big structures like a tall building, or a long bridge, or even a dam, you can get the job done with this bad boy. Just be sure that you are wearing some cool shades so that you don’t cramp its style.

A 3D laser scanning services that's not for wimps

Some warnings must be given before you consider doing 3D scanning services with this scanner. This scanner may not be for you if you are just a fair weather scanner.  If you can’t take a little heat or if you go crying to momma when the weather gets cold, forget it. In that case you might want to buy one of those Playdoh scanners for the kiddies and stay in the sandbox. The Leica ScanStation P50 has been through boot camp and now writes the book on “The Art of Laser Scanning War”. It is ready for the tough conditions. Are the temperatures down to -20 °C? That’s no problem for this scanner. Take it to the desert in 50°C temperatures. This guy won’t even need water. This machine was made for the places that you are going to need to go. There is nothing worse than being on the field and having your equipment break down on you.

So unless you don’t need anything like a long-range, powerful, well-built, accurate scanner like the Leica ScanStation P50, I would recommend getting it. Don’t think that you will be left with just a scanner and handbook either. Leica Geosystems has all that you need including software and support to help you accomplish your 3D laser scanning services work. That to me sounds like a slam dunk option with all the free-throw shots, and box of nachos with a Dr. Pepper.

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