3D Laser Scanning With The One Button Leica BLK360

One poke for 3D Laser Scanning

One button does it all! That’s the beauty of modern technology. Cameras and cars both had to be cranked to make them work back in the early days. Today, just the push of a button is all that is needed to get things done. We take it for granted that we have it so easy. While it sounds like it may be making us lazy, the truth is that we are really able to get more done. The realm of 3D laser scanning services is also a beneficiary of the one button wonder phenomenon. One scanning device that works like that is the Leica BLK260. The only skill you need to do 3D laser scanning services with it is a good finger poke,

The Look and Feel of it

The shape of the BLK260 is like the half of a medicine capsule. The outside looks pretty simple. It fits in your hand, has a flat bottom and a dome top. The top is split where the scanner camera is. There is a button on the side and a light ring around the base which is an indicator for you about the progress of the scan. As far as weight goes, there is no need to go to the gym to carry this guy. It weighs only a kilogram and it has a circumference of 100 millimeters and stands 165 millimeters tall. As far as physical size and weight goes, it is hard to compete with. Even better than that is the simple functionality of the device. That single button should tell you how easy it is to use. You definitely don’t need to be an experienced 3D laser scanning services surveyor to use it.

3D laser scanning services has good things to say

Those who use have good things to say about the quality of the panoramic pictures that it takes. One push of the button and it will do a 360 degree turn capture of the surrounding. There are a few setting options, too. If you are looking for a higher quality image, you can do that. If not, you can use it in normal scan mode. If that isn’t speedy enough you can take the image quality down and do a quick scan. This thing is no slow poke either, it can do 360,000 readings person minute. It can complete a full rotation in less than three minutes. No complaints there. As for accessing and viewing your data, you can either save it on the device (which it does automatically) or you can connect it to a device using it’s own WiFi. A few options that you can choose for the GUI are BLK360 app, the Matterport Capture app, and the ReCap 360 app. Sounds like a good option for 3D laser scanning services

Why use something complex when you have all the power and simplicity in this Leica BLK360 scanner? It may be that you like all that complication and don’t have enough other things to keep you occupied. I don’t really think so. I think you need this to get things done with 3D laser scanning services.

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