3D Printed Cabins A New Trend

3D laser scanning has always been useful in the construction world but has not been adopted as fast as we might have thought it would. A new trend that is slowly becoming the center of attention is 3D printing houses with the latest technology. Using 3D laser scanning and 3D printing is one of the best ways to ensure more accurate models and precise printing.

Two architects have created a full cabin using this technology in their firm named HANNAH. They built a fully functional cabin in the middle of the woods using 3D printing and scanning. To make this tiny cabin, they used concrete and timber, two of the most immense construction resources. The goal was to find a way to appeal to construction while also changing the way production happens.

The cabin’s final look came out very angular and layered because the 3D printing was done by robotic arms. The place is not currently powered and had no running water, but adjustments could easily be made to have an electrician install everything as the house was being built around him. The cabin currently has only a fireplace as the primary heat source. The inside of the house is rather bare, with one stone bench and tiny storage space; your own furnishings would have to be brought to it.

How does 3D printing work

3D printing acts just like a giant printer. Typically a printer will receive directions that help give it coordinates of where it should print the material. All of this information gets stored into their computer that helps direct it even when no one is watching. It is some of the most impressive technology in the world.

How does 3D laser scanning work

3D laser scanning works by taking rapid pictures of a space or scene. This tool collects information on a site or object before anything needs to be built. It captures things like the entire layout of an area, dimensions, and any abnormalities that may hinder a building experience. This can be the best tool to create virtual models to test out things before actually building anything.

Why are these tools an excellent option for construction teams

These can be excellent tools for construction teams to adopt in many cases because it helps move a project along much faster than you would normally see. You can create models quickly and plan out an entire project step by step easily. This gives the project direction and can speed things along. On top of that, a location is deemed dangerous for humans. A team of people can send a 3D laser scanning device attached to a moving robot to gather information and clear the hazardous areas.

Final thoughts

Building tiny homes with 3D laser scanning and printing devices is the next step in construction. We will see more teams adopt this technology because of all of the fantastic benefits. As 3D printing becomes more accurate, we will hear about printing homes more than ever before. It can be cheaper, more sustainable, and safer to use these tools versus previous methods in many ways.

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