3D laser scanning services: Creating Replicas of the Human Head


One thing remarkable about all of this new technology we have is what we have been able to do with it. We have seen some fantastic things be done with 3D printing. However, we have seen many more great things done when 3D printing mixes with 3D laser scanning services. Now, researchers are using this technology to make exact replicas of the human head, and we could not be more thrilled by the outcome.

What are the steps?

The steps are straightforward to do though they may seem really complicated. First, the scanning happens. Second, the modeling and editing happen. And the final step is printing. It is easy to do on your end, but the programs used are actually very complex and took a long time to perfect.

What is 3D laser scanning?

There are a few different versions of 3D scanning, but the main ones you hear about use pictures or sensors to collect data. One way takes rapid images of an object, sometimes thousands per minute. It then overlaps those pictures in the editing system that allows them to further enhance the 3D image. 

The sensors use lasers that cannot be detected by your eyes. The lasers are being measured by the distance they travel and collect hard-to-read information. It would take hours to get an accurate model of someone’s face, and 3D laser scanning services help limit that time.

How does the modeling work?

One of the best features of 3D laser scanning services is that it is easy to edit the images or information that has been collected. The 3D image is uploaded to a computer-aided design program (CAD) that allows the researcher to examine every inch of the object being scanned. 

Information can be added to the design program that helps make it look more realistic. Shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and more can be added with this program. Most of the data collected is stored in the cloud, where it can never be erased. From there, only people with access can use the information, making it secure. 

3D printing the objects

Once a researcher is done filling out the necessary information and ensuring the quality, they can upload the information to another computer. This reads the data and directs arms and nozzles to eject hot material that then forms the shape. It is as accurate as you make it and can replicate something almost exactly like the original object. 

Although you can use 3D laser scanning services and printing separately, using them together is a fantastic combination. 3D laser scanning services are incredibly accurate and will send the best data to the 3D printer. It can help create an item that is an exact replica of another without doing loads of extra work. 

Final thoughts

Creating heads is no easy task. Many features can be designed wrong, and a lot of unique features could disappear with the wrong tools. 3D laser scanning services help pick up those features and ensures that it will print a replica with quality. It is one of the best tools to gather accurate information quickly. 

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