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what does 3d printing mean for houston?

We at Arrival 3D think that 3D technology is pretty amazing. 

Don’t take our word for it–check out this great article about 3D printing in Houston, released by the Houston Business Journal in 2012. 

In the article, reporter Molly Ryan discusses the great potential that 3D printing has to become the “next trillion-dollar industry.” She poses an excellent question, “What does 3D printing mean for Houston, one of the nation’s most prominent manufacturing hubs?” 

As it turns out, Houston companies have been using 3D printers to print plastic and metal prototypes for some time. Companies like Blackwell Plastics, LLC, a Houston-based plastic injection molding company, have been using 3D printing for the last 10 years. They use the models to help customers verify their designs. Jeff Applegate, president of Blackwell Plastics LLC, reported that “[3D printing] has helped improve his company’s product performance.”

While there were definite benefits to using 3D printing, Applegate does caution business owners to invest cautiously. It’s still most cost effective to manufacture bulk items (say, 500 pieces) through traditional methods. Also, we still don’t know who will become the next “Apple or Google” of the 3D companies around you. (Read the full article here.)

Lucky for us, it’s 2018. 3D printers have become more sophisticated than ever. They’re faster and materials come by cheap and easy. There’s less waste involved using 3D printing, so it’s better for the environment, too. In fact, in many ways,Texas leads the way for the additive manufacturing world. Some of the best 3D printing companies are in Houston. 

Are you a Houston manufacturing owner? How would you use 3D printing in Houston?

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