3D Scanning Services save a $5000 casting

Problem – not able to machine a distorted casting to its design intent

A casting for a helicopter product became distorted during a heat treatment process used to remove internal stresses. The casting was accidently left in the heat treatment oven too long. Machinists believed the casting could not be machined to its proper configuration using current fixtures. The contractor could order another casting. But it would cost $5,000. And delivery of the final product to the customer would be delayed by two months. The customer would be unhappy.

Solution – use 3D scanning services to find an optimized casting orientation for machining

An idea was proposed to use 3D scanning

EviXscan 3D HD Quadro: Precise 3D Scanning for Large Objects

in a unique application. Create a 3D image of the distorted casting. Do a best-fit overlay of the image with an image of the machined casting. The purpose was to find an orientation for the casting where it could be machined to its proper geometry. A custom fixture would then be assembled for the machining operation.

An EviXscan 3D scanner was used. The casting was so large that it had to be scanned in two sections. Scanning created a 10 million point cloud in a little over two hours. 3D scanning accurately described the distorted casting. A best-fit analysis was made to compare the distorted geometry of the casting to the intended machined design. The best-fit analysis was successful. A casting orientation was found where it could be machined to the correct geometry.

Results – a $5,000 casting saved. No two month delay in the delivery of the casting


  • Distorted casting 3D scanned with EviXscan 3D Scanner
  • Best-fit analysis performed on the raw casting with its machined design
  • Best-fit analysis yields a successful result
  • Unique fixture built to accommodate machining
  • $5,000 casting saved
  • Two month product delivery delay for a new casting eliminated
  • Product manufacturer happy with results.
  • Customer happy with on time delivery of product

A novel application of 3D Scanning you can use and become recognized as a hero.

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