Expert 3D Laser Scanning in Dallas

World class 3D Laser scanning in dallas

Laser scan your facility with incredible speed and accuracy and receive an as-built CAD model.

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    start your project right with a 3d laser scan in dallas

    Our expert scanning team will work closely with you to clearly understand your needs and make sure that the scan scope includes everything that is needed to set you up for success. 

    Today’s 3d laser scanners are faster and more accurate than ever, allowing us to take more scans and deliver accuracy down to 1mm. Hundreds or even thousands of individual scan locations can be taken of your facility to make sure that we get complete and thorough coverage. 

    Scanning can be done indoor or outdoor, day or night and can be done in operational facilities where people are working. 

    What Types of facilities and objects can be scanned with dallas 3d laser scanning?

    home 3d scanning services


    refinery 3d scanning services


    Gas plant 3d scanning services


    aircraft 3d scanning services


    power plant 3d scanning services


    warehouse 3d scanning services


    historic building 3d scanning services


    bwts 3d scanning services


    floor 3d scanning services


    staircase 3d scanning services


    tank 3d scanning services


    turbine blade 3d scanning services


    2D Plans from 3D Scanning in dallas

    Reality Capture can Automate the process of creating floorplans

    2D drawings can be easily created from 3D scan for reasonable cost. In a single day, one of our highly experienced 3D scanning technicians can cover many  thousands of square feet, possibly tens of thousands or more depending on conditions. 

    Individual scans are accurate to 1mm or better, so you can expect high accuracy with your as-built plan views. 

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    Why utilize dallas 3d laser scanning?

    • Nothing is built to plan, and documentation is often dated
    • Have accurate information at the start of the design process
    • As-built drawing updates get the least effort
    • No method comes close in performance for capturing as-builts
    • Eliminates risks and rework
    • Protects from liability
    • Accelerates and clarifies project communications
    • Creates a permanent, shared record
    • Reduces uncertainty with schedule and cost

    how can dallas 3d laser scanning services help your business?

    Extremely accurate data

    Our reality capture 3D laser scanners can capture your facility with accuracy to 1mm depending on the size of the area and the resolution used for the application.

    multiple output options

    We deliver high quality as-built 3D models in common formats such as Revit that help improve your engineering process.

    Save time and money

    Never miss a project or deadline. Hire 3D scanning professionals to help save your engineers time and save your company money.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    If we ever fail to deliver on what we promised and we can't make it right, you don't pay.

    who are we?

    Extremely accurate data

    Our 3D laser scanners can capture 2 million points per second at an accuracy of down to 1 mm.

    On-time delivery

    Our high-capacity registration cetner and multiple CAD modeling teams ensure a delivery that is on-time every time

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    If we fail to deliver the result that we promised, and we can't make it right, you don't pay.

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